I enjoyed shooting this vintage Kimono fashion editorial for stayingalivevintage.com an on-line retailer based near Leeds.
Staying Alive Vintage absolutely love clothes, just not at the expense of people or our planet. When you buy from us you are saving clothes from landfill and embracing an ethical way of shopping without giving into fast fashion. 
Stayingalivevintage.com believe that fashion needs to be transparent and accountable. Our clothes need to not just be bought but kept and cherished. Fashion can no longer pollute the air and water. It needs to empower not just the wearer but the garment worker. Join the revolution, buy vintage and help us create a more sustainable fashion future.
Visit www.stayingalivevintage.com to see more...
Staying Alive Vintage Clothing, stayingalivevintage.com
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